about steve

Steve B.I am a freelance cartoonist based in Bristol, RI, USA. For 26 years I have been working professionally, contributing to Rhode Island newspapers including The Providence Phoenix, an alternative weekly. Since 1991 I've been the Resident Cartoonist at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, RI. As a member of the Healing Arts Department, I draw at bedside with patients, teaching cartooning and otherwise drawing to provide amusement. I'm also proud to be considered the "Cartoon Guru" at The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp for children with life-threatening illnesses in Ashford, CT, an extraordinary facility founded by actor Paul Newman and friends.

Though it's nearly ironic, I have a degree in design from Dartmouth College (BA, Visual Studies, 1983) although I never drew a cartoon for a class there (I sometimes got in trouble for including them in my work). When I determined to make cartooning my career in 1984, I benefited from the advice and encouragement of two of my favorite cartoonists: Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) and celebrated Rhode Island cartoonist Don Bousquet (Mr. Quahog). I first got into print professionally that year, drawing for two college papers and several Rhode Island weeklies. Over my career I have been published in many weekly, and a few daily, newspapers as well as national sports magazines (Volleyball Monthly, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Kidsports, Patriots Football Weekly).

Besides hospital and newspaper work, I also do a considerable amount of cartoon teaching. Over the past 18 years I have developed a very easy to learn approach to cartooning—my "Cartoonagrams" method. I teach Cartoonagrams in schools throughout Rhode Island and also in camp, senior center, library, and other settings. The range in age of my students to this point is 3 to 101 years (no kidding). On four occasions I have been invited to teach Cartoonagrams in England where my method and my accent have been very well received. In recent years I've figured out how to use Cartoonagrams to teach academic subjects including Shakespeare, US History and Astronomy, adding an artistic jolt to these traditional courses.

Whenever possible, I use my cartooning to support important causes including blood and marrow donation, organ donation, cancer support charities, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Most of my support involves donating promotional and event work, or creating advocacy t-shirt designs. I also financially support The Tomorrow Fund for Children with Cancer by donating a percentage of my annual profit from product sales.

Beyond the work mentioned above, I do a Rhode Island Awareness program based on my "Rhode Island...can be puzzling" collection of rebus drawings. I also do my best to spread my award-winning book, "Anyone Can Draw Cartoonagrams" (Silver Medal, Independent Publishers), throughout the galaxy, creating legions of new cartoonists in the process. My professional business identity is Fly By Knight Designs (est. 1988). "Our" corporate hindquarters are in Bristol, RI.