rhode island awareness program

This program has as its source a rebus (puzzle) map of Rhode Island that I have created. The actual map measures 20-inches by 30-inches and features cartoon puzzles representing 60 places in the state. Among those depicted are the 39 official cities and towns along with 21 other named places (villages, etc.) known to the general population.

My program involves leading a group on a tour of the Rhode Island...can be puzzling state map using enlargements of the individual rebus drawings. Each of the 60 drawings is numbered on the map. The tour follows the number sequence from one to sixty.

As the rebus enlargements are presented to the group a guessing game begins. I encourage the group to work the puzzles out as much on their own as possible, however I will deliver hints to make sure the presentation does not get bogged down.

Once the group solves a puzzle, I present some interesting fact of history or trivia about that place. These comments are meant to give the audience a means of remembering the place more clearly. I also point out on the map exactly where the puzzle representing the place is located, providing a lesson in geography.

If time allows and it is appropriate for the group, I will take a ten-minute break in the midst of the map tour to teach the audience a simple cartoon drawing which has a connection to a place that has been discussed. These breaks reel in the attention of anyone who may be drifting. They also make a place on the map even more memorable.

I prefer to have one full hour to deliver this program. That hour includes a brief introduction, the opportunity to do a cartoon drawing and a few minutes for discussion at the end of the tour.

This program provides both amusement and education for audiences of all ages. Humor is inherently part of my presentation and it consistently results in a fun hour for those attending. For those who may be shaky in their geographic knowledge of Rhode Island, they may for the first time find out where Harmony or Nooseneck actually are.

As part of this program, I make prints of the Rhode Island...can be puzzling state map available for $7.50 each. Attendees of my presentation are often very happy to go home with a copy of this map with which they have just had so much fun.

My current rates are as follows:

One-Hour Program: $125
Half Day: $200
Full Day: $300

These rates include a nominal travel expense fee for programs delivered in Rhode Island. Travel expense allowance for programs delivered outside of Rhode Island can be worked out at the time of booking.

Please contact me for further info or scheduling.